Bringing peace, nutrients
and sustainability to your
active lifestyle.


Through our dedication to cultivating a non-violent approach to living and our passion for creating deliciously energizing treats, we are ensuring you get the most out of food, while giving the most to this world.


We believe the truth will set us all free. It will also benefit your body and the earth. That is why we are committed to being a fully transparent company.


We feel that the best foods are made from the fewest ingredients. We value simplicity, not only in our protein bars, but also in our lifestyle.


We want to live in a non-violent world that is full of compassion and inclusion.


We try to set an example by living a life full of awareness. We see our impact on this world and on others, and we focus on reducing it with every action we take.


Our bars reflect a sustainable lifestyle we think everyone can lead. Through kindness, compassion and consideration to the world and those who live here, we are contributing to a healthy planet.

About Us

Ademi was born out of a strong desire to bring compassion and kindness to the world. Our protein bars reflect our principles of peace, sustainability and love. We keep our bars clean with pure, non-GMO, vegan ingredients.

We have many goals as a company and visions for our world, but for now we hope our bars help to change the global mindset about animals, our wellbeing and this beautiful planet we call home.

Aizhan & Aidar

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