Vegan Lifestyle: Boost Health for You and the Planet

 From the outside looking in, a vegan diet may get a bad rap for being all about nibbling on ‘rabbit food’ and getting far too excited about eco-friendly ideals. When you get to eat delicious and nutritious things like Ademi protein bars and understand the impact things like cattle farming have on the planet, it makes sense to get a little passionate.

 Is the Vegan Lifestyle Healthier?

Study after study touts fresh vegetables and fruits, whole, unprocessed grains, and protein from beans, legumes, and other plant-based options as beneficial for all of the common issues that plague modern people. Things like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer numbers go down.[i] Being kind to your body is a great start that allows you to focus more on external factors like animal rights, eco-protection, and being kind to the world at large and the future, too.

When it comes to making your own life better, switching to a meatless way of living makes sense. How does veganism stack up when it comes to promoting a greener world?

Does a Vegan Diet Help the Planet?

Beef production is one of the top reasons why rain forests get cut down, put more methane into the air than most other things, and uses up precious freshwater resources at an alarming rate. It’s not just cows that cause the problems, however.

An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study set vegan diet options against non-vegetarian options. They found that meat and animal product inclusive diets use 2.9 times more water, 2.5 times more energy resources, 1.4 times more pesticides, and 13 times more fertilizer than plant food production.[ii] Those numbers, when spread over the massive amounts of animal farming around the world, are considerable. According to a UN Food and Agriculture Organization study, the meat production industry produces over 18% of all greenhouse gasses in the entire world. That is more than the world’s transportation industries do.[iii]

Just like much of the fresh food on your plate when you adopt a vegan lifestyle, the world around you will become fresher, more abundant, and greener. The concerns about Earth’s natural resources, environmental pollutants, and sustainability echo through every type of news and discussion group these days. If you can help by putting down a burger and picking up a delicious Ademi bar for your protein source, why not?

When some dietary changes can offer such benefits for the planet, your body, and peace of mind, it makes sense to look deeper into the options presented to you. Forget the wrong ideas about nibbling on grass or twigs like a rabbit. Gather the information and research readily available about health benefits of eating more or all plant-based foods. Also, look into the real numbers about how the meat and meat-products industries are contributing to the downfall of the world’s environment.

The options for delicious, nutritious, and Earth friendly vegan foods are growing all the time. Get ready to enjoy them, your life, and the world more than ever before.